About Us

Lilla-Rose Gifts ‘n More was started in 2013. It was born out of a passion for beautiful handmade items and being able to provide these at a reasonable price.

Lilla-Rose is combination of my mother-in-law Lila who has a fantastic history of being a needle work teacher and is therefore skilled in many amazing arts, that start with a piece of string, or fabric and then turn into something so beautiful and unexpected, and me.

About me

I am the Rose part (a traditional name I inherited as part of my second name) I am the crafty dabbler and love doing all things fun and funky – whether it be with paper and glue, wood and paint, beads or weaving. That’s what you will find me doing quietly in a little corner (ok truthfully, a little messy on the dining room table, or my happy place, my little Studio which serves as both sales and display area and making mess into magic.)

Why shop at Lilla-Rose Gifts ‘n More?

Because, we love handmade products and make and supply a wide range of these.

Some items are made to order and can be personalised.

Just a few items we create and stock are:

  • Beaded Jewellery
  • Handwoven Jewellery
  • Hand Stamped Jewellery and Accessories
  • Handmade Knitted and Crochet Baby Booties & Clothing, Beanies, Snoods, Cowls, Scarves & Fingerless Gloves
  • Vinyl Wall Art, Laptop, Fridge, & Phone Tattoos, as well as personalised Car Vinyls
  • Custom Onesies, T-Shirts & Hoodies, personalised Pillow Covers and more
  • Wedding gifts for your guests and bridal party
  • Handmade cards, gift tags and invitations
  • Personalised Christmas Baubles

From our local partners we have a list that is more-or less endless ๐Ÿ™‚

  • The Goddess Jewellery range by Naomi Butow
  • Chocolate boxes, christmas crakers and other handmade paper treasures from Bianca’s Creations
  • Boho and eclectic jewellery and accessories from The Pretty Ruthless

We also stock imported products as well as gorgeous items “made with love” by LOCAL CRAFTERS throughout South Africa. If your products would suit our online store and studio please contact me on lezelle@lillarosegifts.com for options on becoming a preferred supplier.

Click here to go directly to our online store. Or contact me to set up a time to visit my studio in Plumstead, Cape Town.


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